• Vibration Transducer 9147

    Condition monitoring for assets and plants in hazardous areas

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  • New

    Portable Lamp LED 6148

    Bright light, long life, on point

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  • New

    IS1+ Remote I/O
    future inside

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    Signalling for Hazardous Areas

    The New Visual Signal FX15 for Onshore and Offshore Applications with corrosionresistand Ex d Enclosure


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Explosion Protection by R. STAHL

R. STAHL has become an international leader among explosion protected components and a logical choice for automation systems, control and distribution products, lighting, signals, and alarm systems around the world. We are the only company in the world that has mastered all types of ignition protection for electrical explosion safety, and thus are able to design and implement the optimal form of explosion protection for any possible application. The experts at R. STAHL actively work with numerous international certification agencies to ensure that the most technologically advanced safety techniques are used in the manufacturing of our products.

Explosion Protection

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